Obama Stomps Out 1st Amendment Rights

Obama has named yet another Czar, this one in charge of monitoring and censoring online media. No longer can we say what we believe about Obama, lest we run afoul of the terminator….

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A Call For Sanity – The New Federalist Movement

I have detailed over the past weeks and months the horrendous acts of our Government.  While the United States is facing the worst economic disaster in its history our government wastes money on inciting rebellions in foreign lands, continues to build itself at the cost of over a million jobs in the private sector, refuses [...]

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Obama, Nobel Prize, Arab Spring – Linked Together

Obama was presented the Nobel Peace Prize just 9 months into his Presidency. Astounding. Now we know why. Billions of Taxpayer dollars have funded the uprisings in the middle east, we have fabricated a war in Libya and are trying to build an Empire. Prize worthy indeed.

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The Police State Grows

A seventeen year old is arrested for filming a police officer, a 13 year old is detained and interrogated by the Secret Service. Neither minor was Mirandized, neither minor’s parents were notified before questioning. Not good.

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TSA Defends Itself With The Constitution

The State of Texas made the TSA pat down illegal. The TSA just thumbed their nose at Texas and of all things started quoting the Constitution….incorrectly.

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Obama-Pelosi Stimulus Package – EPIC FAILURE

After a trillion dollars was spent in economic stimulus spending, after promises of jobs, we find out the effects. They saved 450,000 government jobs, and cost us One Million private jobs.

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Obama A Monarch? – Told You So…

The most dangerous piece of legislation ever has passed out of committee. It would not only declare the third world war, it pass the power to declare war directly to the President in violation of the Constitution.

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